Track 1: Oncogenomics, Metabolomics & Epigenetics of Cancer

Track 1: Oncogenomics, Metabolomics & Epigenetics of Cancer
Oncogenomics: It is a branch of the genomics which deals with the role of genes in Cancer. This involves studying how the behaviour of the genes gives raise to the Cancer Cells. These studies involve how the cancer genes replicate, Transcript and Translate in each cells. Often mutation in these genes results into Cancer. So it becomes very important to study the behaviour of these genes to understand Cancer.

Metabolomics: It is the field of science which involves the study of Chemical Processes involving metabolites. Each cell in an Organism/system will be carrying out many chemical processes at the cellular level. The study of these chemical processes will reveal the action of the cancer cells.

It is also believed that Inheritance also plays a major role in developing Normal cells into Cancer/Tumor Cells.

Track 1-1Bioinformatics and functional analysis of oncogenes
Track 1-2Operomics and transcriptomics
Track 1-3Cancer genome sequencing
Track 1-4Synthetic lethality
Track 1-5Mutation and oncogenomics

"23rd International Conference on Cancer Research and Pharmacology" is now accepting the abstracts under the category of Oncogenomics, Metabolomics and Epigenetics of Cancer.
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