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Keynote Speech - Barbara DeVivo

We are very glad to introduce Barbara Devivo, Adjunct Professor at Westmount Univeristy, who will be presenting a Keynote talk and a general talk at the conference
Barbara DeVivo has spent her entire career in marketing management serving various executive global roles from market analysis and research, business development product management and professional relations. Ms. DeVivo has also amassed a strong proficiency in all facets of marketing management, sharing both academic and professional experiences.
Currently, Ms. DeVivo is a PhD student at the State University of New York at Albany- Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy whose research is centered on Organizational Behavior Management in Healthcare. Additionally, she serves as President and Founder of Extended Marketing Services, a real estate and healthcare consulting company. Ms. DeVivo has also held the position of Adjunct Professor of Marketing at the University of Memphis as well as Union Graduate Co…

Yuyan Wang - Scientific Journey

On the day of International Women's Day we asked our fellow women attendees of the conference to share their story of Scientific Journey. Though we didn't receive many entries, we have published the best we got here. hope this helps in motivating you :) 

"I am from a small town of Chongqing, China. Inspired by my grandfather who was a math teacher, I have been in love with data since I was a little girl. After four years’ training in mathematics in Beijing Normal University, I am very lucky to enter the best medical college in China-Peking Union Medical College, and apply the statistical tools into medical research. Now, I’m in my final year of the Ph.D. period, and I hope I can continue my research in medical statistics methods and make use of health data to help more people to keep healthy".

We wish all the best to Ms. Yuyan Wang for her future. May she succeed in her carrier and contribute greatly to the scientific community.
23rd International Conference on Cancer…

Keynote speakers for "Cancer Research 2018"

Cancer Research 2018 - will witness some renowned speakers around the globe addressing challenges, opportunities and their research works in the field of Cancer Research and Pharmacology.

Keynote speakers for the conference include:
Hiroshi KobayashiChiba University, Japan William T. BeckUniversity of Illinois at Chicago, USA Shalini GuptaKing George Medical University, India Antonio Gomez-MunozUniversity Of The Basque Country (UPV/EHU), Spain
For more information on the conference, please visit:

Antonio Gomez-Munoz - Keynote Speaker - Cancer Research 2018

Biography: Will be updated soon...


Pancreatic cancer is the fourth leading cause of cancer mortality with a 5-year survival rate of only 6%. This aggressive disease is characterized by invasiveness, rapid progression and profound resistance to treatment. Using an in vitro cell migration assay we have found that ceramide 1-phosphate (C1P) enhances human pancreatic cancer cell migration and invasion potently and that this effect is completely abolished by pertussis toxin (PTX), suggesting the participation of a Gi protein-coupled receptor in this process. Activation of the C1P receptor caused phosphorylation and activation of ERK1-2 and Akt, and inhibition of these kinases abolished C1P-stimulated cell migration/invasion. We have also observed that human pancreatic cancer PANC-1 and Mia PaCa-2 cells migrate spontaneously. Contrary to the effect of C1P, spontaneous cell migration was insensitive to treatment with PTX. Investigation into the mechanisms responsible for spontaneou…

Shalini Gupta - Keynote Speaker - Cancer Research 2018


Shalini Gupta is the Associate Professor, Department of Oral Pathology & Microbiology, King Georges Medical University, Lucknow, India. She had University Merit Scholarship and got fourteen Gold Medals. She has involved with various research projects & reviewer in various journals. She has written two books and published around 50 papers in reputed journals and serving as an editorial member of many reputed journals


Oral cancer is one of the eight most common cancers in the world and occurs more often in males in developing countries than developed countries. Oral precancereous lesions, a benign morphologically altered tissue that has a greater than normal risk of malignant transformation, such as leukoplakia etc., is also very common. Leukoplakia and submucous fibrosis are early indicators of damage to the oral mucosa with a transformation rate of 2-12% to frank malignancies. ╬ťany environmental factors and genetic factors are implicated in the development …

William T. Beck - Keynote Speaker - Cancer Research 2018


William T. Beck, PhD, is University Distinguished Professor and former Head of the
Department of Biopharmaceutical Sciences in the College of Pharmacy at the
University of Illinois at Chicago. His research efforts have focused on understanding
the molecular and genetic mechanisms of anticancer drug action and tumor cell
resistance to anticancer drugs. His current research focuses on splicing factor genes
and their involvement in cancer initiation, progression, and resistance to therapy, as
well as their potential as novel therapeutic targets in ovarian, breast, and brain
cancers.Abstract: Pre‐mRNA splicing, mediated by splicing factors, is a normal
biochemical phenomenon that accounts in large part for the
proteomic diversity in our cells, as there are ~25,000 genes
but ~100,000 proteins. Splice “isoforms” are specific for:
tissue, disease, population, individuals, and are related to
drug response. Cancer‐specific alternative splicing as well as
aberrant expression of spli…

Hiroshi Kobayashi - Keynote Speaker - Cancer Research 2018

Biography: Hiroshi Kobayashi received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from University of Tokyo in 1974. After his postdoctoral training at Colorado University Medical Center, he started to study adaptation strategies of microorganisms to acidic environments at Chiba University in 1978. His research has been focused on mammalian cell functions under acidic conditions from 1996 at Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chiba University. His current challenge is to develop cancer chemotherapy specific to acidic nests. He retired in March 2012 and is now a professor emeritus at Chiba University. He works as an associate editor of International Immunopharmacology published by Elsevier B.V. from 2014.

Keynote Speech on: Innovation of anti-cancer chemotherapy specific to acidic nests.

Abstract: Acidity in cancer nests has been investigated for over 80 years, but anti-cancer chemotherapy specific to acidic microenvironments has not been developed. Acidification of cancer nests is generally les…